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1.  Sealing the gaps in the shell of your house

Typically, this is the least expensive work and gives the greatest return on your dollar.  Sealing means plugging holes in your attic and crawl space.
  -  Attic access stairs.
  -  Can lights going into the attic.
  -  Chases running between walls.
  -  Bonus room knee walls.
  -  Holes in the ground floor into your crawl space where plumbing pipes or electrical wires are run.
  -  Door and windows calking.

Removing these gaps in the shell of your home would be like closing 2 wide open windows that were permanantly open. 
  2.  Insulation Issues.  Your attic and crawl space are the biggest culprits and the easiest to improve on.  Bonus room knee walls can also be a major issue.  Typically, blown insulation in the attic is the easiest improvement, but properly sealing the attic first will more than double the efficiency of the insulation improvements.
  3.   Heating and Air duct sealing.  We have seen completely disconnected ducts blowing conditioned air into attics or crawl spaces or pulling air from these areas into the house.  This can be a huge health issue as well as a energy wasting issue.  A simple pressurization test of your heating and air conditioning system can show were we can drastically improve the effectiveness of the system.