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Sealed Crawl

How Dirty is your Crawl Space?

Your crawl space under your home is probably the last place that you want to hang out in.  A typical crawl space in the southeast is a high moisture environment where dirty air filled with mold thrives.  What you may not consider is that the air in your crawl space is filtering into your home through hidden gaps through your floor and through the HVAC duct work that is typically located there.

Discover the benefits of a Sealed Crawl Space

Superior air quality

Did you know that up to half the air that you breath on the first floor of your home will be filtered up throught the crawl space?  Sealing your crawl space will encapsulate and condition that crawl space and remove all of that unhealthy air.


Improved energy efficiency

Sealing your crawl space will eliminate drafts originating from air leaks through your floor and create a more energy efficient home with improved efficiency of up to 20%. 

Industry Best Practices from Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy is a NC based non-profit that has literally written the book (or white paper) on why sealed crawl spaces make sense and on the propper way to convert your crawl space to a sealed and conditioned environment.  To learn more about the details of their recommendations click the following link:

We use industry best materials for the floor plastic and foundation wall insulation as well as ensuring that the work is done to the highest standards.  Every crawl space situation is different and many times we must ensure that the root cause of the moisture is eliminated prior to encapsulation.  We also must ensure that a gas heating unit in a crawl space is properly vented to eliminate the possibility of harmful CO gasses entering your home.