Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Crawl Space Vapor BarriersYour crawl space under your home is probably the last place that you want to hang out in. A typical crawl space in the southeast is a high moisture environment where dirty air filled with mold thrives. What you may not consider is that the air in your crawl space is filtering into your home through hidden gaps through your floor and through the HVAC duct work that is typically located there.

Our goal is to minimize the moisture in your crawl space so that mold can’t grow and thrive. Mold loves moisture above 60% so we want to keep the moisture out.

Install plastic over the dirt floor of a crawl space

A plastic Vapor Barrier prevent ground moisture from evaporating into the air in your crawl space. The plastic should be at least 6 mil in thickness, should cover 100% of the ground, should be taped together and pinned down to prevent movement.

We have been providing our crawl space repair services for over 10 years in many areas around Charlotte. For a full list of the areas that we serve, CLICK HERE. Many homeowners don’t even realize that they have crawl space issues so let our professional technicians do an assessment and we can help you identify if you have crawl space moisture issues that needs to be repaired. So call us and we can set up a time for an estimate. CONTACT US

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