Air Sealing

Air Sealing

Air Sealing should always be the first step in improving your home comfort and energy efficiency.

Air SealingWhen you feel comfort issues in your home, the main issues Air Sealing is typically the cause. Homes that have air leaks feel drafty and have hot and cold locations. Air leaks in can happen in small gaps in the ceiling into the attic or where plumbing and electrical wires comes into the home. Sure windows and doors can cause air leaks, but typically it can lights, your attic stairs and gaps through wall framing that are the main culprits.

How do we seal the air leaks?

First we identify where the leaks are coming from with a blower door test and thermal camera. Then we us caulks, can spray foam and other products depending on the size of the hole to seal where needed.

  • Attic Penetrations. This is always the top focus because there are so many areas to seal. Can lights, attic stairs, framing top plates, around chimneys and chases are areas that we commonly find to seal.
  • Crawlspace / basement penetrations. Crawl spaces are not a place most homeowners want to venture into, but they can be a cause of many home comfort and air quality issues. Crawlspaces can have high moisture issues and this can cause mold. Our goal is to eliminate moisture issues but also to prevent that dirty and moldy air from filtering into your home. We look for plumbing pipes and electrical wires that penetrate the floor as well as where the ducts enter the house.
  • Ducts – Most duct work is outside of the living space either in the attic or crawl space and these ducts and these ducts can be very leaky. A duct system that is not sealed well can lose 20% of the conditioned air before it even gets into the house! We look at connection points and seal them with mastic and tape.

Hands4hire Weatherization has BPI Certified technicians that are experts at air sealing and can help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient in Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver, and all over the Charlotte areas.

If you have home comfort issues that you need to have solved, give Hands4hire Weatherization a call and we can help. We can assess your home and make the right decisions and recommendations.

So call us and we can set up a time to have one of our Full-Time, and uniformed technicians come out for an estimate. CONTACT US

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