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Hands4hire Weatherization Experts is proud to announce that we have been approved as one of only a handful of energy efficiency contractors with the Duke Energy Smart Saver Program.  

Duke Energy now offers an incentive program for customers that pays rebates for performing energy efficiency work on your home.  As part of the INSULATE AND SEAL program, Duke will pay the follow:

*    Attic Insulation and Air Sealing - $250.  By adding blown insulation and air sealing at your attic with foam sealant to reduce air leaks.
*   Duct Sealing - $100.  Most HVAC ductwork in your attic or crawl space is poorly connected where it enters your home and where the ducts connect together.  Sealing these leaks will significantly save on your energy bills.
*   Duct Insulation - $75.  Older ducts are typically uninsulated or poorly insulated.   

Call us today for a free assessment or better yet, schedule a comprehensive diagnostic energy audit so that you can prioritize and learn where you can save the most money with the biggest bang for your buck.

Hands4hire is proud to be a Super Service Award Winner for the past 10 years.  Only 5% of companies on Angie's List are awarded the Super Service Award Anually. 

Hands4hire Weatherization Experts offers BPI certified home energy assessments and weatherization improvements that will: 
 - Dramatically improve your home's energy efficiency.
 - Improve home comfort.
 - Improve home air quality.
 - Save 10 - 30% on home energy costs.

Basic weatherization improvements on a home can:
 - Reduce energy usage by 15% - 30%.
 - Simple paybacks of between 2 – 4 years.
 - 10 year ROI between $4000 - $8,000 per home.

Here’s what we do:
We perform simple weatherization improvements that will give you your biggest bang for your buck. 
 1. Sealing the gaps in the shell of your house.  Instead of your cold AC air leaking out of your home, we eliminate the many leaks that can reduce your HVAC efficiency by over 50%.  This could be in your duct work as well.
 2. Adding insulation.  We blow insulation into your attic or add where missing in crawl spaces.
 3. Other issues that are critical to your home’s efficiency and comfort.
   a. Bonus room comfort.
   b. Tank-less or solar hot water heaters.
   c. Sealed crawl spaces.
   d. Attic exhaust fans.
   e. LED high efficient lighting.

Call today and take advantage of this special offer and begin to enjoy the benefits of having your home Weatherized by HANDS4HIRE Weatherization Experts.

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